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When it comes to Residential Interior Design, Quality and Warranty Play an Important Role as we will be looking for Designs that are Elegant and Lasts Long.

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Interior Design by Inkstone Infra Bangalore
Interior Design for Renovated and new home by Inkstone Infra - Bangalore

Understanding Interior Designs

A Home is Complete when the Interior Design is Done.

Its the Space Inside the House that matters that in turn defines Your Style and Personality.

From a Wide Range of Interior Design Styles to Choices, Inkstone Infra is Your Trusted Brand of Interior Design Partner to Get Your Dream Home Interiors Crafted as Per Your Unique Tastes and Requirements of You.

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Modular Kitchen

The Idea of Modular Kitchen is to Accommodate the Functional Space of the Kitchen Properly as per the Storage and Utility Requirements to Ease the Process of Cooking and Food Preparation.

We at Inkstone follow the Principles of Golden Triangle in Designing The Kitchen Space.

Our Modular Kitchens are not just Stylish and Aesthetically Appealing, Its Highly Functional too.



Modular Kitchen by Inkstone Infra

3BHK Apartment Interior Design @7 Lakhs/-

Take a look at Our 3BHK Apartment Interior Design to an Apartment located in Electronic City Phase 1, Bangalore.

It includes Sliding Wardrobes, Parallel Modular Kitchen, Study Unit, Dresser, Lofts, Minimalistic TV Unit, Designer Partition, False Ceiling and Electrical & Lighting Decor.

Swing Door Wardrobe Design

Sliding/Swing Door Wardrobe

Whether to go For Sliding Wardrobe/Swing Door Wardrobe?

This Confusion is the Biggest Question Home Owners face while Getting their Home Interiors Designed.

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Sliding Wardrobe Designs by Inkstone Infra in Bangalore

2BHK Home Interior @ 5 Lakhs/-

Take Look at our 2BHK Home Interior with Modern designs.

Modular Kitchen with Soft close-closing base Storage Units.

 2 bedrooms have a Sliding Wardrobe with glossy Laminates, Customized storage Space, and Drawers.

Minimalistic TV Unit adds Aesthetics to the place.

The home appears Complete with proper Functional Interior Design.

Interior Design is all about Execution to Perfection.

-Inkstone Infra

Designer Units in Interior Designs

Its all about having a Great Team who can Execute the Designs to Perfection.

The Very Reason you shall Contact Us today for Getting your Home Interiors Designed.

We are a Team of Architects, Engineers and Expert Technicians for Your Home Interior Designs.

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