house construction in bangalore
Building construction in bangalore

Ongoing Building Construction

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G+2 Building construction by inkstone infra

Ongoing Building Construction Project

g+3 building construction by inkstone infra
g+3 house construction by inkstone infra

This Individual Home Construction work is going on 30’x40′ South-facing site. Inkstone Infra is your Expert to Plan the House Construction as per the Tenets of Vastu. 

This is a Ground + 3 structure building, On the ground floor we have Car Parking Space and 1 unit of 1BHK, On the first floor we have 2 units of 1BHKs, On the second floor we have 1 unit of Spacious 2BHK, And On the third floor we have 1 more 1 BHK to complete the Structure.

On the second floor, the Spacious Pooja room roof is left open to Sky to get Abundant natural light Presenting Divine Energies for positive vibes.

And we have built Private Balconies for Master Bedrooms.

building slab concrete
wall plastering
full home renovation by inkstone infra

Home Renovation

A Modern Interior, Contemporary Elevation, New Flooring, and Paint Enhance the Beauty of our old Home, It is possible to retain your Old Home with a new look and Modern needs.

Reach us for your Home Renovation

interior design by inkstone infra
bathroom renovation in bangalore by inkstone infra

Bathroom Renovation

Replace your Old Bathroom Fittings with New ones and Upgrade the Floor and Wall Tiles to Modern-day Tiles

To Renovate and Remodel Your Bathroom Contact Us.

civil renovation in bangalore by inkstone infra

Civil Renovation

When a Home Demands Necessary Changes like Room Addition or Deduction to the Existing Home Civil Renovation is an Appropriate option to go.

Call us Today for Civil Renovation

civil renovation remodelling in bangalore by inkstone infra