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Bathroom Renovation Just Got Easier with Inkstone Infra. An Expert in the Field of Architecture & Renovation in Bangalore has made Old Bathroom Renovations Easier and Hassle-Free. With End to End Bathroom Renovation Services under One-Roof, Inkstone is Your Right Choice for Complete Bathroom Renovation & Remodeling Services in Bangalore

Bathroom Renovation in Bangalore

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Old Bathroom Renovation & Remodelling

Bathroom Renovation Services in Bangalore
Civil work for Bathroom Renovation in Bangalore
Bathroom Waterproofing in Bangalore
Cement bed for bathroom Renovation in Bangalore
Electrical Renovation as Part of Home Renovation
Plumbing Renovation as Part of Home Renovation
Tiles laying for Bathroom Renovation in Bangalore
bathroom commode fixing for bathroom renovation in Bangalore

Removal of Old Bathroom Fittings

Because of long duration usage bathroom fittings will be affected by rust, Leakage, and Damage. In such cases, it’s the right time to upgrade the functionality and look of the Bathroom, Fixtures like the wall mixer can be replaced by Concealed Diverter to make your bathroom comfortable for usage and reflect better,

Also, the Regular commode can be replaced by One piece Wall mounted / Floor mounted Water coset/ Western style.

Bathroom Tiles Renovation

Renovating Bathroom tiles is not only a replacement of tiles but it is also adopting modern-era designs to your bathroom walls and floors, substituting old bathroom floor tiles with new age Antiskid floor tiles to serve the right purpose. Also Replacing old wall tiles with glossy/designer tiles.

So instead of thinking about alteration go for Renovation.

Bathroom Waterproofing

If waterproofing is not done right to your bathrooms, seepage problems occur. It damages the adjacent walls too. While renovating we at Inkstone make sure that these defining details are taken care of, so the newly renovated bathrooms’ life will be more. Waterproofing is done to floors and up to 2 feet height to the walls from the floor in our Bathroom Renovation Package.

Bathroom Plumbing Renovation

Plumbing Renovation is the Main Purpose behind Bathroom Renovation. It’s not only about replacing the old pipes with new ones but also about Upgrading. Be in terms of Replacing ordinary taps with a Diverter, Giving Connections from Geyser points to Mixer Taps, Changing Wash Basin Normal taps to Hot & Cold, Changing the Commode Types from Floor Mount to Wall Mount, etc. Only an Expert in the Field understands the nuances related to Bathroom Plumbing Renovation.

Bathroom Renovation

Take Look at the Bathroom Renovation work @ just 1.85 Lakhs /- 

The bathroom commode Position Changed, and Floor and Wall Tiles were replaced with new Tiles.

All bathroom Fittings are replaced with new bathroom Fittings like – Commode, Wash basin, and Showerhead with Diverter Controller.

Bathroom Electrical Renovation

The very reason Inkstone Infra is into End to End Home Renovation is just this. We want our clients to experience Hassle-Free Bathroom Renovation. 

You don’t have to go look for an Individual Contractor for Electrical Renovation Done during Bathroom Renovation.

Bathroom Remodeling

Sometimes Instead of Bathroom renovation, remodeling stands as the right solution for your Bathroom. Situations like When you experience your commode placement is wrong and you are facing leg space issues, Wrong placement of the Shower area, and Bathroom Remodeling offer the best solution in such cases.

It’s time to Remodel Your Bathroom into a modern functional and comfortable space.

Bathroom Tiles Laying

It’s usual that after a certain period of usage, Bathroom tiles get old and lose their beauty, floor and wall tiles damage is also one of the common issues in bathrooms.  In some of the bathrooms, the anti-skid floor will not be there, So It’s important to Replace your Bathroom tiles with modern wall tiles and Antiskid floor tiles, it adds aesthetics to your bathroom and serves the purpose properly

New Bathroom Fittings

In this Final process of Bathroom Renovation or Remodeling, after all, other works We will install final Fittings such as Commode, Wash Basin, Shower Panel, Showerhead, Wall mixer, Taps, and other Fitting to Give a final Finish to the Bathroom.

Contact Inkstone Infra to Make Your Bathroom Highly functional and Beautiful.

Bathroom Remodeling

Take Look At Our Bathroom Remodeling Project Video in Bangalore.

We have Changed the Bathroom Layout, Wall, and Floor Tiles Renovation done in Bathroom. All old Bathroom Fittings are replaced with new Bathroom Fittings

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