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Only an Expert Architect can take up the challenging job of Renovating your existing Old Home. He Understands Design and Structure better than anyone, thus eligible to take up Civil Renovation along with Civil Engineers and Structural Engineers.

We at Inkstone Infra are a team of Architects, Civil Engineers, and Structural Engineers along with an Expert Team for Execution for Perfection.

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Create a wall to make two rooms in BTM Bangalore

An Additional Room

In-Home How do you make Available Space use Better? There is a need for another Private Room, With Civil Renovation, We can Create a Better and more comfortable private room with the right functionality.

Room Extension

The Demand for a Large Space in the Bedroom, Living Room, and sometimes in Kitchen, is a common need for the modern lifestyle.

For Example, To accommodate a walk-in wardrobe or Convert a Compact Bedroom into Comfort Bedroom, It’s Important to Extend the Existing Room by Merging it with the attached available Space.

For more information about Home Functionality and Aesthetics Visit Home Renovation

Spacious room create in Bangalore
Terrace waterproofing in Bangalore

Terrace Waterproofing

Terrace Waterproofing is an Essential Process of Waterproofing where it Provides a Watertight Roof to live Happily for Years.

After Some point of time, an old Home Roof Starts leakage because of Bad workmanship or Average Material Usage, So we at Inkstone Infra Provide Better Waterproofing Solutions for Terrace and Bathrooms which Protects for years.

Bathroom Waterproofing

Going through a Bathroom leakage issue is a most inconvenient process. when Bathroom Starts leaking it’s high time for a permanent Waterproofing Solution.

When Seepage takes away the Beauty of the adjacent wall, It’s time to hire an expert for a Solution. Here Bathroom Waterproofing plays the most important role with its Watertight Ability.

Bathroom waterproofing in Bangalore
Home elevation renovation work in Bangalore

Front Elevation Remodeling

An Old Home front Elevation gets old with time and it also lacks  Modern Aesthetic Details.

Front Elevation represents the richness of the Home. So Renovate or Remodel It as per modern-day needs with an Expert.

Reach us to Achieve Excellency in Front Elevation Design And Execution. Inkstone Infra.

40-year-Old G+1 Load Bearing Home Renovation / Civil Renovation

Take Look at Civil Works we did for Home Renovation in this 40-year old Home Renovation Project.

Floor Tiles Renovation

The Functionality of the Tiles is different for different Places, When the age of the Floor is more, we will notice Purpose is not served be it in the form of Damage to the Floor or Scratches.

Different places like the Bathroom, Balconies, Parking, and Rest of the floor will be different as per the functionality.

Hire an expert to Renovate your Floor tiles or wall Tiles.

Floor tiles renovation work in Bangalore
Plumbing work in Banashankari Bangalore

Plumbing Renovation

Plumbing is an essential part of the House and with Time Plumbing Fittings and Accessories get Old, and Improper Functionality of Fittings  Demands Plumbing Renovation, In this Process Expert has a Role to do the Needful, Hire an Expert from Inkstone Infra

Civil Renovation is an Upgradation process of Your Existing Home, A Decade or more Old Home needs   Upgradations like – Renovation of Flooring, an Additional utility area for the Kitchen, An additional partition wall to create an extra room to use space appropriately, Converting a Small Bedroom into a Specious Master Bedroom, etc.

Before We get into Civil Renovation Process it’s important to examine the condition of the building for the possibilities of the Extension and Demolition of the Structure. It is possible only with Experts in the field,  We in Inkstone Infra make sure that Examine and Executions are Handled with Ease by Our Sound technical team and Sound Design team.

Bathroom Renovation in just 1.85 Lakhs /-

Take a look at our bathroom Remodeling/Renovation video in Budget. Tiles Renovation, Plumbing Renovation.

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Front Elevation work Remodeling by Inkstone Infra Bangalore

Home Renovation

Structural Renovation for Old Homes

Structural Renovation

When Old Homes are Renovated, It demands Structural Renovation. Care has to be Taken Care to Analyze the Existing Structure and Then Plan for The Appropriate Structure Renovation. Hence, Hiring Expert Engineer is the Best Choice. 

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms are The Demanding Space in Old Homes that needs Renovation and Remodeling.

Turn Your Old Bathrooms into Complete New and Modern Bathroom with Our End to End Bathroom Renovation & Remodeling Services.

Bathroom Renovation & Remodelling in Bangalore

Bathroom Remodeling

Take Look At Our Bathroom Remodeling Project Video in Bangalore.

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bathroom commode fixing for bathroom renovation in Bangalore

New Bathroom Fittings

In this Final process of Bathroom Renovation or Remodeling, after all, other works We will install final Fittings such as Commode, Wash Basin, Shower Panel, Showerhead, Wall mixer, Taps, and other Fitting to Give a final Finish to the Bathroom.

Contact Inkstone Infra to Make Your Bathroom Highly functional and Beautiful.

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Front Elevation designed by Inkstone Infra in Bangalore