East-facing Vastu Compliant House Constructed by Inkstone Infra
Vastu Compliant Home For East Facing Plot

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In this Blog, I will Write about How to build a Vastu Compliant House in East facing Plot.

Vastu Shastra can play a major role in India when it comes to Constructing Houses.

An East Facing House is Considered Auspicious.

Here are Some ways you can make your East facing House Vastu Compliant.

  1. Main door – The Best placement for the Main door is East or Northeast Because We get Maximum Morning Sun from the same direction. Avoid Placing the main door in the Southeast part of the house 
  2. Living room – The Best Place for the Living room is in the Northeast direction, Avoid Placing heavy Furniture in the Northeast corner Because it is considered a Spiritual corner of the House.
  3. Pooja room – Best Direction for the Pooja room is northeast corner or east or North. Pro tip- Avoid Placement of pooja room in the southern part of the house and also beside the toilets
  4. Kitchen – the Best Direction for the Kitchen is South East, Southeast corner is dedicated to Element fire, If SE Corner is not available you can build a kitchen in the Northwest direction.
  5. Mater bedroom – The master bedroom should always be in the Southwest; the Couple is advised to sleep only in the Master bedroom that is built in the southwest corner of the house.
  6. Kids bedroom – the Best Direction for the kids’ Bedroom is Northwest or Southeast direction.
  7. Bathroom – Best direction for the bathroom is the Northwest corner. Pro tip – Never build a bathroom in the northeast or southwest part of the House.

This is about Building a Vastu Compliant house in East facing Plot.

If you are the owner of West facing, North facing or South facing Plot it is still possible to build a Vastu Compliant House

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