Elevation Remodeling work by Inkstone Infra in Bangalore
Elevation Remodeling work by Inkstone Infra in Bangalore

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In This Blog, I am going to write about 40-year-old Wall Bearing G+1 Home Renovation.

I am Siddharth Founder of Inkstone Infra. Your Civil Engineer for End-to-end Residential Infrastructure Needs.

This Home is built on a Plot of 60 x 40, It consists of the Ground floor and First floor with load-bearing construction,

Most of the old houses are built without columns and beams. This is called load-bearing construction. This type of construction is also called Wall bearing construction. That means it is constructed Wall to wall.

To simplify it further, the house that is constructed on the first floor will be symmetrical to the ground floor one, because it will be built wall to wall.

I will take you through the scope of work involved in this project.

Scope of Work

  1. Structural Renovation
  2. Floor Renovation
  3. New Bathroom Construction
  4. Kitchen Remodelling
  5. Front Elevation Remodelling
  6. Interior Design
  7. Painting
  8. UPVC Windows
  9. Doors
  10. Compound Wall and Gate

Structural Renovation:

We have Extended the Bedrooms by Demolishing the Wall that was between two small bedrooms. To manage the distribution of RCC Roof and Structure load, we have used ISMB Beam to Distribute the load equally. This strengthens our wall bearing structure and provides stability for longer years.

Next step was building new bathrooms for the bedrooms. Necessary plumbing work was done.

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