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Is A Laundry Room A Necessity Or An Additional Feature Is One Of The Biggest Discussions Going On In The Interior Community. You May Ask What A Laundry Room Is It Is A Fair Question To Ask Since This Is A New Interior Concept In Indian Renovations. Let’s Go Through What A Laundry Room Is What Are Its Elements And How It Became The New Norm Or Trend It Is Now.

If You Visit A Newly Renovated House You May Notice A Laundry Room Or Area. The Number Of Houses With Laundry Rooms Is Increasing Nowadays Because These Rooms Make Homes More Functional.

What Is A Laundry Room?

In Simple Words, It Is A Room Dedicated To Washing And Ironing The Clothes. Before Washing Machines Were A Thing In India These Laundry Rooms Were Popular Abroad. However, The Increase In The Purchase Of Washing Machines Brought About A Boom In The Construction Of Laundry Rooms.

What Are The Elements Of A Laundry Room?

A Simple But Effective Laundry Room Should Have The Following Elements. Application Area, Drying Area, And Storage. Application Area Houses The Machines Like Washing Machine, Dryer And An Ironing Board, Etc. The Drying Area Is A Space Allotted For Drying Clothes This Includes A Hanging Rod Or Retractable Clothesline. Storage Is To Store The Essentials For The Laundry Such As Washing Powder, Detergent, And Other Washing Essentials. The Storage Unit May Be Shelves, Pantry Cabinets, Storage Baskets, And Back-Of-Door Storage.

By Now Most Of You May Be Wondering Well We Kept Our Washing Machine Next To The Bathroom Or On A Balcony Worked For Us. Yes, It May Have Worked But Did It Work Efficiently Is The Question. You Have To Move The Machine Every Single Time, Hoping The Water Doesn’t Spill, And Move The Wet Clothes From One End Of The House To The Other End For Drying.

An Effective Laundry Room Will Be Constructed In A Manner That Will Solve All The Issues. The Room Will Have A Water Source Convenient For The Washer And A Proper Draining System In Place.

The Clothesline Will Also Be Placed In Next To The Machines Avoiding Water Spills.

Now A Question May Come To Mind Well I Don’t Have That Big Of A House Or If Add A Room For Laundry There May Be Space Restraints. We Provide Alternative Solutions Such As Creating A Laundry Room On The Balcony Or Backyard.

It Is Safe To Say Laundry Rooms Are Just More Than An Additional Room When It Comes To Functional Renovation. This Small Area Or Room Will Solve A Lot Of Problems When It Comes To Doing Laundry. So Decide Wisely Before Renovating. Hope This Blog Gives You A Better Idea Of What A Laundry Room Is And Helps You Decide Whether Need It Or Not.

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