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In this Blog, I am going to write about 7 reasons Why you should not Hire a Mestri for Construction work.

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7 Reasons that is an Eye Opener.

1. Cost Myth – The No 1 reason people chose to go with Mestri for their home construction is the cost. You think you can save money. And let me tell you, it’s a myth. It actually costs you more.

The simple reason is, they are not accountable. The charges they might tell today, might not be the same tomorrow. Because they are unorganized and easy escapers from responsibility by using unaccountable advantage.

2. Technicality – They speak about connecting earlier work experience, but technical demand will be different from Project to Project. They Know execution, not technicality that involves in each different project.

3. Timelines – when we start construction work there will be a standard timeline procedure for every different nature of work, when timeline management goes wrong project delay takes place. Mestri will be the least bothered about timelines because he knows that client believes his reasons because he is a ground-level person.

4 Drawing Readability – Drawing is the language of the construction process, if you know how to read it well you can get the right results out of it. Mestris’s limited ability to read different drawings like architectural and structural drawings results in a lesser stable structure.

5. Hassle for Owners – Professionalism will be very limited to Mestri because he is used to a different class of work management, which creates a Hassle for Homeowners. Especially the A-collar working class.

Construction demands more professionalism to achieve quality and timeline of the process.

6. No defined Specification of duties – The agreement should consist of real procedures and steps involved in the contract. In Maestri’s part either he says we did many buildings we will do it or else he will be having a limited list of work that incompletes the construction. In the end, you end up paying more to complete the work.

7. Worst case – Mestri is nothing but a Labour who pays other labourers to work under him without any standard employment procedure. In case of Breach of Contracts, the liability on him will be lesser than that of an established firm.

If something goes wrong and there are many cases where construction is stopped before completion, Client has to take up the burden of completion.

So, these are the 7 important reasons why you should not think of going for construction by hiring a Mestri.

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