Covert Your Old Bathroom to New Bathroom

The Bathroom is the place where our day starts and Ends.

We all know Bathroom Demands a comfortable space to accommodate things in an organized manner.

*Bathroom Fittings – After a certain period due to nonstop usage of the Bathroom, Especially Fittings,

Such as the Commode, Wash Basin, Wall Mixer, Showerhead, Taps, etc. will be in unusable condition.

For Example, If we have an Indian Commode in the Bathroom, and You are Planning for a western style Commode, It’s High time to go for Bathroom Renovation.

Modern Bathroom Fittings are More Functional compared to Old ones. So When We need more Functional fittings We have to Go For Bathroom Renovation.

*Tiles – When We Use Bathrooms for More than 10 years, Bathroom Floor and Wall Tiles gets Old, and Minor cracks, Chip offs will happen, in such cases, We have to Replace them with new ones.

Bathroom Floor Renovation is an important element in the Bathroom Remodeling or Bathroom Renovation process. If We Continue with the same Tiles there are High Chances of Slippery Floors and This Causes Damage.

When We are Replacing Bathroom Wall Tiles We Should Consider Aesthetics and Easy Maintenance.

Bathroom Lines – 20 years Back Bathroom Lines were GI Pipes, GI Water Inlets are installed and As time Passes GI pipes starts Getting Old and Rusted, Gets Blocked inside the Pipe.

This Cuts Down the Pressure of the Water.

The Solution for this is We have to Upgrade Pipeline System to modern CPVC and PVC lines.

Modern-day Bathrooms are More Functional Because they are Designed according to the modern needs

To Meet Proper Functionality, Bathroom Renovation is Must for Old Bathrooms.

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We at Inkstone Infra have Rich Experience in Bathroom Renovation, We did More than 500 Bathroom Renovations in Bangalore. Bathroom Remodeling or Bathroom Renovation demands Special care while The Renovation Process takes Place.

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