1200 Sqft Home in Just 25 Lakhs/-

Building construction by inkstone Infra

A House of Your Dreams, Built as Per Your Requirements is available in your Comfortable Budget. Get 1200 Sqft Home Constructed in Just 25 Lakhs/-.

We can construct a comfortable 2 Bedroom House with 2 Baths, 1 Living + Dining/Pooja Room, 1 Kitchen, Utility Area with Parking. This Construction Package includes,

What Does Freedom Mean To You?

What Does Freedom Mean to You?

‘To Majority of Indians, Freedom Means Living in Their Own House.

Home is Heaven. Living in Your Own House is Equal to Living in Heaven. Nothing can surpass that feeling. This 75th Independence Day Celebration today, that is on August 15, 2022. There was a National Campaign #HarGharTiranga. We all Celebrated Happily, Pinned the Flags in our house Balconies, Posted Pictures of it on Social Media Platforms. Etc.

Most of us, on the back of our minds had this thought. How does it feel like Pinning The Flag in Our Own House? This got me thinking, What Does Freedom Mean to Us?